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Tips for Indoor Photoshoots

dallas wedding photographer

Tips for Indoor Photoshoots

Shooting indoors can be difficult. While most photographers prefer to shoot outdoors, there are certain instances where shooting inside is better. Whether you’re photographing indoor decor or the weather outside is preventing you from shooting outdoors, these four tips will make your next indoor shoot a piece of cake.

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dallas wedding photographer


Shooting indoors can add a unique look to your photos. The light that comes through the windows (and doors) can add a soft glow or dramatic look to your photos, depending on the time of day you’re shooting. If you’re able to shoot during midday, your photos will have a cooler or more neutral coloring, while sunrise and sunset will give your photos a warmer tone.  This really is also subjective as editing can really change the look and feel of photos.


Believe it or not, electric light can actually mess with the white balance of your photos. Artificial light can mix with electric light and cause skin tones to look odd. Typically, your best bet is to simply turn off all electric lights and let in any natural light available.  dallas wedding photographer


Here’s a neat trick for photographers just starting out.  Aperture priority mode allows you to pick the aperture, so you’re able to let in as much light as possible. To make this happen, you’ll want a wide-open aperture. If your aperture (f-stop) number is lower, your aperture will be wider and your depth of field will be shallow. This will allow your subject to be in focus with a soft and blurry background.  Using a lower f-stop also lets in more light.

indoor photoshoot at hickory street annex dallas


I often rely on the Kelvin scale and use it to get my settings right in camera. Making it much easier to do any post processing. If you’re not familiar withthe Kelvin Scale , here’s a helpful starting off tip!

Take your camera out of Auto White Balance (typically marked as AWB) to get good white balance. To keep skin tones from being too blue or too yellow, select Daylight mode (normally the one with the image of the sun). If you need to warm up your image a bit, try Cloudy. Remember to play around with your settings while shooting to see which works best for the lighting at your shoot.indoor photoshoot at The Omni Hotel Fort Worth


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