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Bridal Session Milestone Mansion Aubrey | Maegan This bridal session at the Milestone Mansion in Aubrey has been on hold since February! I’ve wanted to share Maegan’s bridal session since the day I photographed her. She’s finally Mrs. Adams and you can check out her  Elegant Mansion wedding day post on the journal too! She’s […]

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Tips For Saving Money When Wedding Planning     Let’s be honest, planning a wedding can be expensive. While there are some areas you shouldn’t skimp, by strategically planning your wedding, you can save some serious money! Whether you’re in the middle of planning your wedding or are simply taking notes for the future, these […]

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The Bridal Session |  Reasons To Have One Bridals. If you’re a bride to be. You’re asking yourself, what are they? Why do I need one? And my favorite question, why can’t I just do them on the wedding day?  I’m here to tell all the brides, what a bridal session is and the reasons […]

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